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Your water heater is essential in providing heating capabilities to your home or business. Therefore, it’s important to rely on a professional for water heater repair in Richardson, TX. Texas Plumbing has been a plumbing company that has been performing plumbing services since 1973! If you’d like to see how we can be of help for your home or business don’t hesitate to give us a call at (972) 235-4169! We’ll be happy to help you out!

Problems With Your Water Heater

There can be many problems with your water heater that may cause a need for water heater repair in Richardson, TX. Be sure to look for any inconsistencies that are not repeated over a period of time in order to determine if either a repair or full on water heater replacement or installation is necessary. With repair issues, there are solutions that can be provided to your water heater unit which can allow it to return back to properly working system operations. Several issues that happen with electric water heaters, for example, can be because of temperature issues. With issues where there isn’t enough hot water, it may be several things happening with your water heater. There could be a faulty thermostat, upper electric heating element or even a general lack of power. With a blown fuse it’s important to get a technician to replace it as power cannot travel if a wire is damaged. If there isn’t power being supplied to the electric heating element when the fuse is fine, then chances are that this part needs to be replaced instead. Finally, if both of these parts are working fine and the thermostat isn’t receiving power then the problem lies here and replacement is recommended. As far as issues with water coming out too hot, it could be that your thermostat is simply set at higher than recommended temperatures. In cases such as this check your upper and lower thermostats and make that temperatures are set between 110-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Types of Water Heaters

There are many types of water heaters that may fit with your home or business depending on system specifications and more. In order to provide the most in your water heater’s capabilities, it’s important to consider your choices. Ultimately you can benefit from saving on energy costs with lessened water consumption when you select energy efficient options or models that are available in the market today. A few choices that can be considered are tankless water heaters, electric or natural gas-powered options. A water heater that is is tankless can be beneficial in getting rid of the risk of sediment build up with tanks over time. They instantly heat water and pass it through to a device before being distributed to the property. This allows for water not to be stored in a tank with standby energy loss which can increase your water bill. With tankless heaters, you’ll instead have a heat exchanging coil which can produce higher thermal conductivity.

With electric water heaters, you’ll benefit from immediate water heating capabilities and you’ll also have the benefit of having an insulated cylinder which stores water for use. An electric heater is a good choice to have if you’d rather not have venting as seen with gas heaters. Gas water heaters, however, ultimately are more cost friendly as it runs on natural gas which is cheaper than electricity. With a gas unit, you can still operate the system with a pilot switch in case electricity turns off. How a gas heater works is with a sensor that turns on a gas burner which heats the water inside of a heat exchanger. With a gas water heater, you’ll have a storage tank located at the bottom of the unit which will constantly have water burned. If you’re having trouble with system operations of any type of a water heater then call us for water heater repair in Richardson, TX!

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Contact Texas Plumbing today to get connected with a qualified plumbing technician for water heater repairs! Whenever you’re experiencing problems with your water heater in your home or business it’s best to rely on the professional expertise of a trained professional. Only with them will you be able to prevent the likelihood of repeated or future repairs. When you want water heater repair in Richardson, TX dial (972) 235-4169!
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