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Summer AC Tips

Outside HVAC During Summer Months Denoting the Need for Cold Air

Benefit From Cold Air & Smoother Working AC Systems

The summer time in Texas is a particular beast. Natives know that the south can have particularly harsh temperatures with high levels of humidity which provide a sweltering and suffocating experience. When taking a trip outside or even walking around, the safe haven of shelter is used with periodic regularity in order to bask in the cooling air of interior ACs. In order to not be surprised with a gust of stagnant air, it’s important to conduct maintenance with your units so you can use your cold air without worry of being let down during the hot summer months!

AC Maintenance Tips

By having your AC regularly maintained you’ll be able to enjoy many performance benefits. Here are a few ways you can improve your AC for the summer. Firstly, be sure to change your air filters regularly every 1-3 months in order to have both fresh air and smooth circulation. A blocked air filter will have your AC running harder in order to make up for the air block. With regular filter changes, you can reduce your energy use by 15%! Another way you can ensure comfort is to have your dehumidifier cleaned, certain units can have this done by removing the outer casing and simply vacuuming the entire unit to clear it of dirt and debris. A place that’s often passed in favor of other obvious maintenance tasks is the drainage hole. ACs typically have these at the cabinet’s base underneath evaporator fins. To ensure smoother work conditions it’s important to have your drainage hole kept clear, in order to do this try to use a small paper clip or wire. Finally, be sure to schedule a tune-up so problems that you may have missed can be identified with a professional who has the ability to look more deeply at the details of your unit. The benefit of this is that you can get some insight about the energy usage of your unit and also get tips in use in order to know how to reduce your total bill.

Improvements To Your AC

When you’re in need of a better way to navigate and control the temperature settings of your system then consider a more advanced thermostat. Smart thermostats, for example, can be controlled in such a way that when you’re away from your home temperatures will be warmer and therefore energy is conserved. You can greatly lower your bills by having temperatures raised a few degrees in 8-hour increments. Ultimately your new thermostat will have recommendations in place that can best fit with your habits. Be sure to navigate the weather changes in your region in order to match with temperature changes that can affect indoor temperatures.

Exterior AC

Be sure to be mindful while you’re mowing your lawn this summer and try not to get grass clippings stuck in the grills of your outside AC unit. Inspect the unit at least twice a month in order to remove any plants and debris that might have found their way inside. A good way to prevent the likelihood of this is to keep at least two feet of clearance surrounding your outdoor unit. This will also assist in ensuring that your outside unit will be able to pull the air it needs to control the temperatures of your home.

Young Man Enjoying Cool AC Air at Home

Benefits of a Serviced AC

  • Increased Comfort
  • Stable Humidity Levels
  • Fresh Air
  • Conserved Energy
  • Increased Unit Longevity
  • Maintained Parts
  • Less Likelihood of Repairs


Consider the ductwork or your home, if you’re not feeling even air distribution from one room of your house versus another there could be an obstruction inside the vent work or a closed damper in that area of the home. Another area to consider is the bathroom fans, in order to ensure smooth productivity be sure to remove the covers and wash your fans with soap and water. This can be achieved with a toothbrush, just be sure to have the power off before attempting the task.

AC Habits

As far as habits, try to keep your oven or stove at lower temperatures. The inside of your house can increase in internal heat with the warmth of your appliances. This isn’t limited to your oven or stove, even running your refrigerator or washer and dryers can affect temperature levels! Another area that increases indoor temperatures is uncovered windows. Direct sunlight adds more heat into a house so it may be a good idea to add drapes or blinds to cover larger exposed areas. Finally, in order to increase air circulation consider having your fans on in each room of your home. The caveat here is to make sure that they rotate clockwise as this will allow for air flow to circulate downwards. Keeping your fans on can prevent hot air from rising and having your AC run harder as it senses the heated air from above.

Good Luck!

Keep your AC cool for the summer so you’ll be able to relax away from the outdoor heat! A readily available AC will be the answer to all of your excursions when you’re out and away from your home. If you have any questions, simply contact your local HVAC company so they can provide the most relevant AC services for you!

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